Welcome to Australian T-TRAK-Z

The Australian T-TRAK-Z Coordinator is ? (position vacant)

T-TRAK initially began in Australia when the first module was built in 2003 by Andrew George in N scale. The first club to build modules was MelbNTrak which displayed them in 2005. In 2008 T-TRAK modules were being built in all States and the ACT. Operators of the T-TRAK displays at model railway exhibitions in 2008 were often asked about versions of T-TRAK for other scales. This introduction webpage has been set up to support those modellers interested in the version for Z gauge (1:220). This webpage will be expanded as feedback is obtained from those modellers. Feedback may be channelled via the Webmaster until a Coordinator is available.

Click here to view the T-TRAK-Z specifications diagrams (2 pages) (USA).

The Australian T-TRAK-Z Guidelines (TBA) includes the variations of the T-TRAK-Z specifications to suit Australian conditions (eg metric dimensions) and recommendations for use in Australia. Here is an Australian T-TRAK-Z version of the specifications diagrams using metric dimensions (just to get you started). It must be used in conjunction with the above referred diagrams. If you want to make a skyboard, 150mm high (above the baseboard) seems to be the go at the moment:

Note: A Japanese company called Real ZJ makes Z gauge roadbed-track (www.realzj.com/parts/realtrack). It is compatible with Micro-Trains® Micro-Track® and comes in the same sizes (110/220mm long straights and 195/220mm radius curves).

Here are a couple of photos of an Australian T-TRAK-Z layout:     [click a photo to enlarge]


Rokuhan Track - Charles Ely has drawn up a layout using various module designs and Rokuhan track:

(click on photo to enlarge)

A specific T-TRAK-Z email group is hosted on Yahoo! (however, there has been no activity for some time)