Welcome to Australian T-TRAK-T

The Australian T-TRAK-T Coordinator is (position vacant)

T-TRAK initially began in Australia when the first module was built in 2003 by Andrew George in N scale. The first club to build modules was MelbNTrak which displayed them in 2005. In 2008 T-TRAK modules were being built in all States and the ACT. Operators of the T-TRAK displays at model railway exhibitions in 2008 were often asked about versions of T-TRAK for other scales. This introduction webpage has been set up to support those modellers interested in the version for T gauge (1:450). This webpage will be expanded as feedback is obtained from those modellers. Feedback should be directed to the Coordinator.

The Australian T-TRAK-T Guidelines (TBA) includes the variations of the T-TRAK-T specifications to suit Australian conditions (eg metric dimensions) and recommendations for use in Australia. Currently in development. Here is a DRAFT Australian T-TRAK-T version, of overseas initial specifications diagrams, using metric dimensions (just to give you an idea).

Note: The Japanese company Eishindo makes T scale track, structures and accessories. Further information (in English) on T Gauge may be viewed at T Gauge!

T Gauge items can be purchased through Hobbies Plus located at Stratford, Victoria.

Some T Gauge buildings are available from Shapeways and Pokara.

Click here to view some Victorian prototype T Gauge models.

Here are photos of some Australian T-TRAK-T modules:     [click a photo to enlarge]

(module in progress by Greg of South Australia)

A specific T-TRAK-T email group is currently not hosted on Yahoo!, however, T-TRAK modules for T Gauge are discussed on the Yahoo! general T-TRAK email group T-Trak and also on the blogspot T Gauge Forum. A Yahoo! T-Gauge email group exists.
(an Australian specific email group may be set up if there is sufficient interest from modellers)

Please contact the Coordinator if you have an enquiry or suggestion.