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T-TRAK initially began in Australia when the first module was built in 2003 by Andrew George in N scale. The first club to build modules was MelbNTrak which displayed them in 2005. In 2008 T-TRAK modules were being built in all States and the ACT. Operators of the T-TRAK displays at model railway exhibitions in 2008 were frequently asked about the HO version of T-TRAK. 2010 was a year of active interest in the HO version. Forum -  T-TRAK in Australia.

(Known number of modules in Australia - 26)

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Diagrams AND Templates (TBA)

Want some enthusiasm from YouTube? - click
to view 12 seconds and then click
for 25 seconds (courtesy of Joe Price).
The module pair that form the "S" curve are double-length units. The reason for them is to allow for the future placement

of separate yards on the inner and outer loops as typically one loop is run on DC and the other on DCC.

If you have any questions, just post them to the Australian_T-TRAK-HO forum.
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